Character Developement: Side characters or main character?

If you have read my fanfiction story Terran, then you will notice that it was intended to have two main romances, Asajj Ventress and Shaak Ti.  But as the story continues I find that my side character has become more of the fan favorite.  Celene, Elyn, even Jaina have all been requested to be romanced instead.  I first notice this when I first killed off the first side character, Celene. Boy everyone was hot that I did that, I got a lot of angry reviews and even more angry PMs because I did that.

So now I find myself at a Delima, I want to continue the romance I had intended, but I also wanted to explore the other romance option.  I’m just going to have to do them in a second Terran.  Yes, I am planning another one.  I have been planning one since chapter six but you know, I had to plan in proper


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