Quote 1

You know when you have those days where you think about something that would make a good quote for others, well I had one. So I’m not only going to post this quote but several others that I think we could use. My original quote, as far as I know it, hasn’t been quoted, but if it has then you can still use it.

So a child asked his father. “Dad, I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for, can you help me?” “Really? have you really tried looking?” He asked. “I have but all I have found are too small to be of use.” The child explained. “But son, you have what you need already.” “I don’t understand.” The son says as he looks at his father full of question. “Let ask you this, do you know what a puzzle is.” He asked his son. “Yes, it involves several small pieces connecting together to create a large picture.” The son answered. “Well what you want is like a puzzle, it requires several pieces to be completed. The grander the object you want, the more pieces are required; and just like a puzzle, you need to connect what’s familiar to complete the whole.” The father explained. “So even these small pieces can help me?” “Yes.” “Thank you, dad, I will look harder.”

Don’t be upset that you didn’t get all that you wanted. Just look at what you do have, for it will show you hints of the what the whole looks like. Because it will often be more amazing than what you originally wanted.


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